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Broadband Internet

Frequently Asked Questions on 4 SQR BROADBAND

Will I have to deal with BT as well as 4 SQR?
Order with 4 SQR and you will still have BT activate your landline for Broadband, but the line is ordered, operated, managed, fault tested and billed by 4 SQR. This means you dont need to call BT at all if you have any problems.

Will I understand when I call with a problem?
No overseas call centres, or uncommunicative non technical assistants manning the phones. If you get a problem you call or email (assuming you can still!) and 4 SQR will put tests on the line, and establish where the fault lies to be able to advise on the best way to get you working again. 90% of problems on Broadband, are down to either login issues or equipment going faulty or being incorrectly set up, and 4 SQR will help get you back on line as soon as possible.

How long does it take to be installed?
Almost all Broadband ADSL connections are done by BT Wholesale who install on behalf of many organisations. Their lead time is the same wherever the Broadband service is ordered. 5-10 working days is quoted depending whether it is a migration (usually 5 days) or a new provide (usually 10 working days). Changeover in the case of a migration, or activation, for new installs, is usually at around midnight so you can change the settings in your router or modem first thing in the working day and be up and running straight away. Alternatively the settings can be pre programed the night before.

How fast a connection do I need?
It always depends on what use is being made of the service. For most users the speed of the connection chosen is less critical than the contention on which it is managed. In other words for a single user on a well managed 20:1 contended service at 512kbps would experience faster downloads than a 2Mbps user on a 50:1 connection, but more importantly, they would be able to use the link for time critical applications like running IP telephone lines over it. However, a 50:1 contention would be ideal for internet browsing and email applications which are not time critical and very 'bursty' in nature (- lots of data sent for short periods of intermittent time and consistent traffic is rarely required).

Can you provide fixed IP addresses?
A fixed IP address (or multiples as required) is often charged extra by other ISPs, but it comes FREE with 4SQR Broadband services. With a fixed IP address, it is easy to access to set up the office PCs from remote locations, or to set up converged IP applications like Voice lines or Video conferencing. Even having an engineer providing remote support for your network hardware or applications is achievable once you have a fixed IP address.

The Broadband connection is critical to my business. How can I protect it?
Enhanced service care is also available for lines critical to business or home use at a small premium of just £10+vat. This assures you of out of office hours engineering support and a speedy resolution to problems.

What servers can I point to for outgoing mail ?
Outgoing mail forwarding or smtp (simple mail transfer protocol) mail forwarding server you can point to (for Outlook or Outlook Express or other such email programs) is as follows:
SMTP Server:     smtp.4sqr.net

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