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Broadband News Update - MARCH 2007


Customers should note that many of the MAC codes being produced by broadband providers begin with L as apposed to BB or FT. This is the result of BT Wholesale's ongoing migration plan to move connections to EMP (Equivalence Management Platform) expected to be completed by March 31st.

The internal BT process is changing from "Migration" to what is known as a "Provide with MAC" . As a result, customers who are moving from an LLU provided Broadband service (eg Easynet/Sky, CPW, Bulldog/CW Access e.t.c) will attract a standard activation fee (£40) and NOT a migration fee (£11) once the process is introduced. Our systems will identify which charging is applicable on signup.This is a change in charging which is reflected by BT to every Broadband service provider.

However note that according to BT, there is now only minimal downtime (literally a few minutes) in this migration process from LLU to IP stream products.

Conversion Orders

ISDN conversion orders will cease to exist from March 31st. All orders that are required to be converted to PSTN before ADSL can be provisioned will be required to go through the simultaneous provide process.

Migration provisions

Migration periods have been temporarily extended from 3 to 5 working days to now 5 to 7 days which will be the case into at least early April 07.

Cease Charges

Due to charges introduced by BT Wholesale's supplier Openreach it is expected that a ceasation charge of £33.75+vat will be introduced from May 1st 2007.

BT need only to provide 28 days notice for introducing such a charge therefore confirmation will not be available until the beginning of next April, it is however most likely that the charge will stand as advertised. Customers should be aware and prepare for this fee to be introduced as of May 1st.

This new charge is applicable to all customers who signed up prior to May 1st.



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